Denver... I had some awesome ice cream, Brett drew a smooth shoe, Prizzy played magic at a venue AGAIN, then we went to this dude's house and he hooked us UP! Lots of dino nuggets and rolling rock.. so I stayed up all night watching Jurassic Park 3.

Oh and brett made a new friend.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins is a lil too hippy-dippy, but pretty cool.. brett haley got paid, and damn those sandwiches were good. I still remember.

Went the the New Belgium Brewery. Awesome. Note: you gotta make a reservation in advance to take the tour. But you get free beer either way. I've searched for that Helles-Style Lager ever since and no where has it.

The we went to Odell brewery, did a sampler, bought a growler of the best beer ever.

Then we got kicked out for drinking the growler that they told us (after we had bought it of course..) that we weren't allowed to drink there. So we drank it in the field behind the brewery, which was even better.

Is it weird that I still regret not buying that $4 avocado sandwich they were selling in the parking lot? Maybe I'm just hungry right now.


Colorado sure is pretty. Saw snow for the first time in a while.

Finish The Job

Well.. we're talking bout doing another tour soon, so I guess I should prolly post the photos i never got around to from the last one..



We just ripped through a week in Colorado.. finally back to Central time zone and all the wonderful heat and humidity that comes along with it. Photos coming soon, haven't had time to upload them yet.

Carbondale soon!!




Boise was cool, a little reminiscent of Carbondale. A Flea Bomb went off during the show (just wait til you see the video), and Bob got in some serious arm wrestling. Things got weird at the end of the night.. more wrestling, Scottie's 25th birthday, a lost pet scorpion, Mark almost got scalped with a battle ax, someone tried to force Ted to sleep in a dungeon, a half bottle of wine was spilled in my sleeping bag (not by/involving me), a lot of sleeping outside and in the van.. Guess it was time, it had been a few days since things got weird.



Arcata weirded me out, don't go there. The drive is beautiful though.

Portland & Seattle were fun, got to see a gaggle of long lost friends and made some new ones. Played a really fun show at Rotture in PDX, and got to play at Lost Cross North (aka the funhouse) in Seattle. Complete with milo & a bball court.

Life In The Van

This is what it looks like.

San Fran

San Fran was beautiful. Played a fun show at Kimos w/ Slow Trucks, Careerers, and another band that was good. Got to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. Had to leave the spokesman behind, it was his time. Mark had a freak highschool reunion, and Scottie got a free macbook pro. Weird, good time.



Oakland was cool, played an old yogurt factory called Fort Gallery, played with whqles from LA who were pretty sweet, saw our numero uno Ryan Claypool again, Brett had the best toast he has ever had for breakfast, and I agreed.

We also had to say goodbye to our wonderful merch lady and all-around pal supertracy, she had other non-tour parties she was required to attend. It was fun Tracy!

San Luis Obispo

San Luis was fun-ish.. Scottie got to see the Blackhawks win, we played in a living room, then things kinda got weird..

We made it out alive though, and got a nice breakfast to boot. Also, saw a frat house that partied too hard and the tallest palm tree on earth.